Reiki Exercise

Reiki Exercise

Claude Leonard Reiki Master / Teacher and PractitionerCan Reiki help with exercise?

Of course Reiki can help with exercise. Best of all, Reiki is energy and you are also energy. So when you combine exercise and proper nutrition and add a pinch of Reiki, you have all the ingredients needed to be healthier.

So how can you accomplish all of this during your exercise?

First it is suggested that you complete Reiki level 2 or higher. Next step is to do about 15 minutes of Reiki on yourself before you begin your exercise. This will stimulate your energy for optimum health. Now do your exercise as usual.

Reiki Peaceful Exercise

Once you are finished with the exercise have taken a shower and you are back at home, sit down and start Reiki on yourself for 20 minutes. This time Reiki is to repair the damaged muscles if any, and speed up your recovery. If you do your exercise at home, then after you take your shower wait 10 minutes and then do Reiki on yourself for 20 minutes.

Reiki is an amazing way of helping your body through exercise, this will help to rejuvenate and at the same time reduce stress. Here are some points you can use to maximize your exercise:

1- before going to bed at night, first, start your Reiki then do nothing else but take 7 deep breaths slowly and imagine positive energy coming in to your body and permeate your entire being. When you exhale, see the negative energy leaving, you can also feel the bad things that happened to you during the day, and let them go. Once you are done with the seven deep breaths, drift off to a peaceful sleep.

2- When you wake up in the morning, start your Reiki and do nothing else but 7 deep breaths. This time feel the good energy of the restful night and pleasant dreams coming in and when you exhale, let go of the bad dreams or the nightmares.

3- To enhance the vitamins, minerals and proteins in your meals, do Reiki on them first. It is amazing how energizing and blessing your food can help to maximize your body and get you ready for the next time you do your exercise. Try this on water as well. Take a glass of water, drink about half of it and sense how the water tastes and smells. Now hold the glass with your two hands, one hand under and the other on the side of the glass and do Reiki on the remaining water, with the intention of changes in your body. Now taste, smell and feel the difference that the water has. You might be surprised to feel these through exuberance, detoxification or energy burst within a few moments.

4- You can do the same with your protein shake.

Reiki is an amazing energy that can be applied to everything.

Claude Leonard
Reiki Master / Teacher and Practitioner


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